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Better Together 5: It’s Palentine’s Day!

Usually we talk about office couples on Valentine’s Day, but somehow that just feels so 2010. These days Valentine’s Day is more than just couples. It’s about self-care. Friends. Family. Co-workers? Why not. There’s Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day. Why not Palentine’s Day? Let’s all pull together and show each other some warmth and happiness this year. We have a few suggestions for how you can show the people you spend every day with that you care – and not just on Valentine’s Day.

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A Comfortable Workspace

Most of us probably spend more of our waking hours in our offices than our homes. Making them more comfortable is a sure way to show you care. Each person’s space should fit them and the work they do. What does that mean? They should have enough physical space to do their job well. They should have a well-fitted chair so they can sit without pain. Let them choose the ergonomic aids, like monitor arms and footrests, that help them adjust their space to fit them better. If you have the means, give them the option of height-adjustable desks. Consider adding air purifiers to cut back on germs, allergens, and odors. Offer the ones that run cold a small space heater and the ones that run warm a desktop fan. All of these small changes add up to make your workspace a place everyone can love.
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Time and Space to Relax

It feels like everyone is dealing with more anxiety than they used to. One way to spread the love in your workplace is to help everyone de-stress. Encourage people to take some time for themselves during the day. One way you can show you mean it is to create spaces meant for relaxation. A breakroom is a great place to start. Whether it’s lunch or just a coffee break, taking time away from your desk and socializing with coworkers can improve your mood, and it’s something most people look forward to. In a recent study, 52% of people said that socializing with their coworkers is one of the reasons they wanted to get back to working in the office.

Of course, being social isn’t always what’s needed. Sometimes a little quiet time is best, especially if you have a lot of shared workspaces, like cubicles or open plan spaces, in your office. Look for areas that could be mini lounge areas. Add a comfy chair or loveseat, a small table, maybe even a pillow. Extra points if you can find space with natural light. It will be the perfect spot for people to recharge and clear their minds.
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Small Luxuries

You know that warm feeling you get when someone gives you a gift for no reason? Not something you need, but something they know you like. Maybe a small treat or your favorite holiday candy or a cute desk accessory or something they know you collect. You can give your coworkers that same happy feeling by offering some small perks around the office. Get a nice coffee machine – maybe one that makes nice café-style drinks. Buy some snacks for the breakroom. Splurge a little and get the nice tissues. Sometimes it’s small gestures that end up meaning the most.