A breakroom with employees enjoying coffee and other drinks

Brew Better Breaks with Flavia

Everyone has a favorite. That one drink that helps wake you up in the morning or adds a little energy to a long afternoon. But there isn’t always time in your busy workday to get to your favorite café. How do you get what you want? Well, what if we could put a café in your breakroom? Our new Flavia Beverage System makes it possible!

What is Flavia?

FLAVIA® brewers are multi-beverage brewing systems with hot, cold*, and frothed drink options that offer something for everyone. You can craft 14 unique café-style beverages that’ll keep everyone – employees, clients and guests – satisfied and smiling.

Why choose Flavia?

Perfectly brewed drinks for every moment of your day
You can craft endless drink combinations with Flavia freshpacks. Choose from your favorite brands, including Starbucks®, Peet’s®, and DOVE®. You’ll have perfect coffees, real-leaf teas, lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate in under a minute.

The drink you want at your fingertips
Flavia’s touch screen technology is intuitive and easy to navigate, which makes getting your favorite hot and cold beverages a snap.

Make it your way
Create authentic, barista-quality beverages using the Original Milk Froth Freshpack or any milk or non-dairy alternative with Flavia’s patented in-cup frothing.

The taste you want – every time
Flavia brews your drink in the pack, not the machine, so there’s no flavor transfer between drinks. Your coffee will always taste like coffee. Your tea will always taste like tea. Your brewer will also stay cleaner because only water ever runs through it.

Want to keep it cool?

Love your iced Americano even when it’s snowing? You want to add a Flavia Chill Module. Chill Modules** offer a true hot-and-cold-all-in-one beverage system experience. With the chill module, you can make a variety of cold drinks, including cold brew coffee, iced coffee, infused waters, and iced teas.
**Direct water line required for Flavia Chill Modules.

Ready to make your breakroom the place to be? We’re excited to be able to offer the Flavia Beverage System to you. Most workplaces qualify for a FREE* Flavia Beverage System. Email your Account Executive or fill out our online form to request yours!

*Some restrictions apply.