You Are What You Drink

We know that’s not the way the saying is supposed to go, but think about it. You spend a lot more time drinking than eating. So what you drink is a lot more likely to say something about who you are than what you choose to eat for lunch. Your lunch choice changes daily, but most people choose a drink and stick with it. What is what you’re drinking saying about you? Let’s take a look. While we’re at it, we’ll give you some suggestions for switching up your drink choice so you can stay cool when it’s hot. (If you do decide to try something new, give Rogards a call. We have enough new drink options to keep any office happy.)


Every office should have at least one tea drinker. Why? Whether they start the day with a warm cup of English Breakfast or a frosty iced tea, you can count on your resident tea lover to be reasonable and even-tempered, no matter what the day brings. When things start to get crazy, their calm, cool-headed decision making will help have everything running smoothly again in no time. Plus, their laid-back attitude and willingness to pitch in when needed make them popular members of any team.

Keep it cool switch up

If you’re a tea drinker looking to mix things up, try a tropical green tea or a mint tea. Both are tasty options that are especially refreshing when iced. It’s a great way to stay cool when things get heated.

Fun fact! 85% of the tea consumed in the U.S. is iced.

Soft Drinks

Pop drinkers tend to be just as fun and energetic as their drink of choice. They add a bit of fizz to the work day. Their upbeat and friendly energy make them friends all over the office. They seem to know everyone and everything that’s going on. Want to find out what the hubbub in front of the building yesterday was all about? Ask a pop drinker. Who’s the new guy in sales? Pop drinkers know. While it might seem like this socializing is a distraction, it can be a benefit. Pop drinkers are the walking, talking embodiment of the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Count on them to find the right person with the right information to help the team get that important project done on time.

Keep it cool switch up

We know that you love your bubbles, but that doesn’t mean that soft drinks are your only option. When temperatures rise, give a fruit-flavored sparkling water a try.  You’ll get the extra hydration you need without sacrificing the fun feel of the carbonation you crave.

Fun fact! Created in 1858, Pepsi was originally called “Brad’s Drink”. It was marketed as a digestive aid.


Water drinkers like to keep it simple. They don’t ask for much. They just want to come to work, do their job, and do it well. Nothing makes them happier than a completed to-do list. How do you recognize a water drinker in the wilds of the office? Look for a spotless desk. Water drinkers are neat and organized. Can’t find your copy of that memo from last week? Ask a water drinker. They’ll be able to find it in a snap thanks to a perfectly planned filing system. They also tend to be detail-oriented, so if you need someone to proof a letter or find the glitch in a new procedure, look for a water drinker. They’ll get you fixed up in no time.

Keep it cool switch up

Water doesn’t have to be the boring drink choice, especially in the summer! Add some of the season’s fresh fruits and produce to your water bottle to create your very own spa water. Strawberry and basil. Cucumber and mint. Lemon and lime. Peach and raspberry. The possibilities are endless. Or you could always share some of your friend the pop drinker’s sparkling water. You might find you like bubbles, too!

Fun fact! Your body is 60% water and your brain is 73% water, so keeping yourself properly hydrated gives your brain and your body a boost.


Coffee drinkers hit the ground running – once they’ve had their coffee of course. They always have a bunch of balls in the air, so they need to keep moving.  Coffee drinkers pride themselves on being determined and highly productive. For them the work day is a contest, and it’s a contest they’re going to win. They love to share their opinions, and if you asked them they would say they were “big picture” people. They love big projects, strategic plans, new directions. They would rather leave the nit picking details to someone else. They don’t have time for that. They have a committee meeting to get to before they head out to that networking lunch.

Keep it cool switch up

Let’s get serious. We aren’t going to waste our time suggesting you try drinking anything other than coffee. We would be wasting our breath, right? Just because you’re holding firm in your drink choice doesn’t mean you can’t summer-ize it a bit. When the temperatures soar, add some ice. We aren’t telling you to go frou-frou. You don’t have to add the caramel drizzle, mini chocolate chips, and whipped cream. Just some ice. You’ll be able to cool off while keeping your “I drink it black” cred.

Fun fact! Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Egyptian goat herder who noticed that his goats got jumpy after eating coffee beans. Maybe that’s why we love those dancing goat videos. Thank you, goats!

No matter what you choose to drink, Rogards has your back. We can help you keep all of the personalities in your office happy and hydrated. We’ve added bottled water and Pepsi products to our drink offerings. Add some to your next order to keep your office cool.

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