Why you should invest in a new home office chair NOW

(even if you already bought a $99 chair from a Big Box back in March)

Remember March? It was going to be such a fun month. The Illini were going to make a long run in the tournament. Opening day for the Cards and Cubs was just around the corner. We were going to drink green beer in a crowded bar full of strangers. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Next thing you knew, you were working from home from your dining room table. Maybe you borrowed a couple pillows from your living room to make those oak dining chairs more comfortable (why are there 18 pillows on your sofa anyway?). Maybe you just struggled through it. Or maybe you even bought an inexpensive chair from a big box. Regardless of how you’ve been coping with your seating situation so far, here are some reasons why now might be a good time to consider investing in a new home office chair.

  1. It looks like we might be blending home, work, and school for longer than we expected. That’s the understatement of the year, right? But even for parents who returned to the office in June or July, what’s the school year going to bring? You might find yourself logging some hours from your kitchen table again to flex your schedule to accommodate your child’s school schedule.
  2. If you bought a chair from a big box, you’re probably using it beyond it’s warranted limits. Many of the more inexpensive chairs available from the box stores are only intended for traditional home office use. If you’ve been logging normal work hours (8 hours a day 5 days per week) in your big box chair, you’re pushing it over the limit. Eventually, you’ll feel a decline in comfort, if it hasn’t already begun. Our chairs are all commercial grade, which means they’re built to keep you comfortable throughout a normal work week.
  3. Why not find a chair that better matches your home? Since it seems like this is going to be “a thing”, we can help you select a chair that looks great in your house and fits you comfortably. We can help select a fabric or style of chair that is both beautiful and functional. And speaking of fabrics, remember those kids I mentioned earlier? If those “coworkers” are going to be sharing your office for the school year, you might want to consider a cleanable fabric. We can help.
  4. Our showroom is open. I mentioned finding a chair that “fits” you. That’s a real thing. It’s not all that different from a pair of shoes. Like many businesses, we had to close our showroom in March and April, but we’re now open and ready to help you find your perfect fit.
  5. Are you missing any accessories? Even if you’re happy with your current home office chair, there might be ways to improve your situation. Are you using it on carpet? It would be wise to invest in a chair mat to protect your carpet. Have you considered standing for a portion of your day? Give a sit-to-stand desktop converter a try.

Working from home has been an adjustment. Looks like you might as well get comfortable, because we may be doing it for a while.

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