Three Reasons To Give Gratitude Now

We can all agree that this has been a stressful year. From COVID and business difficulties to politics and natural disasters, there’s been a lot going on. As fall starts and we move toward the holidays, it’s customary to thank the people who have helped you throughout the year. This year we believe that’s more important than ever. Whether you’re recognizing your employees for their hard work or thanking customers and clients for their continued or returning business, showing your gratitude now can help build lasting relationships.

How do you show your gratitude? A small gift is a good place to start. Most people think of promotional (logoed) items as advertising, but there are thousands of items that also make very nice gifts. And giving a gift has benefits, both for you and the recipients.

You’ll make people feel good.

It should come as no surprise that people like to get gifts, especially unexpected ones. When it comes to giving logoed gifts to your clients, there’s research to back this up. Fifty-three percent of people said that being given a logoed item left them with a positive impression of the company that gave it to them. Of course, the type of gift will make a difference; gifts with a higher perceived value get more thumbs up. Clothing items, like hats and shirts, have favorability ratings are higher than average. Outerwear comes out on top, leaving 75% of people with warm, happy feelings. Just make sure that you choose the highest-quality item your budget will allow. When asked why they kept an item, quality and utility came out on top in 10 out of 13 categories. Attractiveness only won out for hats, and polos. Even with outerwear quality was more important than looks, and looks and quality tied when it came to t-shirts.

You can give people something they want – and will keep.

Worried that your money will be wasted? Don’t. Research shows that people will keep an item that they like and find useful. In fact, 57% of people have kept a logoed item for five or more years. As we mentioned earlier, quality and utility are the main reasons people keep an item. If you’re looking for something people will want to keep, think drinkware, desk and tech accessories, umbrellas, and outerwear. They usually top the longevity list. So, how do you narrow down your options? Start by looking at who you’re trying to reach. Different gifts appeal to different genders and age groups.

  • T-shirts are most popular with younger consumers. 48% of people 21-34 own a branded T.
  • Women are more likely than men to own a promotional bag.
  • Calendars are most popular with people 55 and over.
  • Hats are most popular with the 35-44 age group. And people earning $100,000+ a year are most likely to own one.
  • Drinkware is almost evenly popular among all age groups and is as likely to be kept in the office as in the home, making it an excellent gift option.

You’ll be giving your business a gift, too!

Wait! What’s this? A gift for you, too? Yes. One unintended perk is that, as the recipients carry your gift around, other people will see your logo. It’s free advertising. And it’s the good stuff. On average, a promotional product will be kept 7 months. During that time, the item will be seen by possibly thousands of people beyond the original recipient. In the advertising biz, they call these views impressions, and measuring the cost per impression lets you see how effectively your money was spent. A promotional bag will be seen nearly 6000 times over its lifetime and a promotional pen will be seen more than 3000 times. Divide that out by the average cost of the item and you’ll find that your cost per impression is as low as 1/10 of a cent! Newspaper advertising can cost 7 times as much and television advertising can cost 18 times as much.

If you’re interested in exploring your gift-giving options, contact your account executive today. We’ll be happy to put together a list of suggestions to meet your needs and budget. You can also browse some of the thousands of products available on our promotional products website at