Are You Prepared for Spring Showers?

Eight Tips for a Safer, Drier Office

Yesterday’s downpour might be the best sign yet that spring has really come to central Illinois. If spring holds true to pattern, it won’t be the last storm we’ll see. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips on getting your business ready to brave any storm that comes our way.

Protect your electronics

The electrical storms so prevalent throughout spring can lead to power surges, one of the most common dangers to your sensitive electrical equipment. Some estimates say that power surges cost businesses more than $20 billion a year in lost time, equipment repair, and replacement costs. If you’re relying on a $10 surge protector to protect your office electronics you could be in for trouble. Choosing a surge protector with better protection capabilities will help ensure that you’ll keep working no matter how bad the weather gets.

  • You probably remembered to plug your computer and monitor into a surge protector, but what about your telephones, modems, and fax machines? To keep this important equipment safe, choose a protector with multimedia protection, like Protect It! surge protectors from Tripp-Lite. They include data line protection to guard equipment connected to telephone/modem, ethernet, and even coaxial from surges, spikes, and line noise.
  • For essential equipment, including servers, you can take it up a notch by choosing a surge protector with battery backup. These units offer reliable backup power during power outages. They also regulate and correct incoming power during surges, brown outs, and other disturbances. This will help to prevent downtime, data loss, and equipment damage.


Guard against slips

Have you prepared your facility for spring? Rain water can be a safety hazard, leading to slips and falls. Ensure the safety of your employees and guests by keeping things dry.

  • Have a spot that gets especially slippery or is prone to puddles? Use a caution safety sign or cone to let everyone know to keep an eye out. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to cut down on accidents.
  • When it gets really wet out, the carpet runner you use in your entryways may not have enough oomph to deal with all the extra moisture. If you really want to keep things safe and dry, trade up to a more absorbent mat designed to pull in the extra water. Crown’s Walk-A-Way Wiper Mat has dense, fast-drying fibers that dry shoes as visitors walk in. It’s specially designed to soak up heavy moisture. For extra carpet protection, try a scraper mat like Guardian’s WaterGuard model. In addition to trapping moisture, it also scrapes dirt and debris off shoes to keep your carpets clean.
  • Rainy weather means more people carrying umbrellas. If you have a retail establishment or your business gets a lot of visitors, consider getting an umbrella bag stand.  The recyclable bags offer guests a place to store their wet umbrellas so they aren’t dripping on your floors, reducing the chances that someone might slip and fall.


Plan for power outages

Storms can also lead to power outages. You don’t want to end up in the dark. That can lead to workplace injuries. Make sure you have the supplies you need to keep some lights on.

  • Stash flashlights in common areas throughout your facility, just in case you lose power during the workday. If the power is only going to be out for a short time, you probably aren’t going to want to send everyone home for the day. Staff will need to be able to move safely through the building while they wait.
  • Make sure your hallways are safe walkways even in the dark by adding a few rechargeable light/flashlights like this Energizer Weather Ready LED flashlight. They automatically turn on if the room goes dark and are strong enough to light up an entire room. They can even be removed and used as a standard flashlight.
  • Make sure you have an assortment of batteries on hand. It’s no good having flashlights if you don’t have the batteries that fit them!