Sneaky Savings

Sneaky savings

We’ve all been there. You need to cut down on expenses so you switch up your supplies to save on what you buy most. But, as we all know, people don’t like change. The new pens don’t write as smoothly. The colors on these sticky notes aren’t as bright. Didn’t the labels we used to use stick better? What if you could save money by making changes that no one even notices? We promise it’s possible. That’s what our new video series Sneaky Savings is all about. We’re going to show you some neat tricks for saving on your supplies without causing an office mutiny.

Change your coffee

Most people start their work day in the breakroom with a cup of coffee. People take it seriously, so no one wants to hear that you’re changing the coffee to save some money. But what if you could change without really changing? There’s no magic involved. It’s actually pretty easy. Hit play on the video below to find out more.

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