Save 95 minutes a week…from your restroom

Yes. You read that right. Making a few small changes in your restroom can give you back up to 95 minutes a week. Our new line of Scott Essential dispensers makes it possible. How?

  1. Higher-quality towels, tissue, and soap mean users need less.
  2. High capacity refills mean you fill dispensers less often
  3. Some of the fastest change times in the industry mean less time spent when it’s time to refill.


Upgrade your towels and gain up to an hour a week

The Scott Essential towel dispenser features a high capacity, 950-foot towel refill. The Scott Essential Paper Towels are soft, unperforated and feature innovative Absorbency Pockets, which soak up water fast and lead to less waste. The dispenser offers one of the fastest roll change times on the market, and the electronic version gets 120,000 dispenses on one set of batteries. (A manual version is also available). Altogether, these innovations mean you can save up to 7 days a year in labor. That’s just over an hour a week! What can you do with an extra hour?

  • Have lunch out with a friend instead of at your desk.
  • Get in a nice walk or lunchtime workout.
  • Get back the time you spent in one of your weekly meetings.


Change your toilet tissue and get up to 25 minutes a week

The Scott Essential toilet tissue dispenser holds 2 full rolls of coreless tissue. Each coreless roll is nearly 50% longer than a standard bathroom roll and features the quality and comfort you’ve come to expect from America’s most well-known brand. With more tissue in each dispenser and less tissue being used, you can save as many as 3 days annually, or 25 minutes each week. What can you do with 25 minutes?

  • Make a coffee run to your favorite café.
  • Celebrate a teammate’s birthday with some treats.
  • Catch up on reading your favorite industry magazines.
  • Ease you back pain with some stretches or chair yoga.


Switch your soap and take back up to 10 minutes a week

The Scott Essential soap dispenser holds a large 1 liter refill to reduce run outs and maintenance time. The refills feature a high-quality moisturizing soap with a luxurious feel. The easy-to-load cassette clicks into place quickly so you can get on with your day. You could save up to 1 day each year, which works out to 10 extra minutes a week. How can you fill 10 minutes?

  • Get 10 emails closer to your goal of inbox zero.
  • Walk down to the breakroom for a drink or snack.
  • Organize your desk or update your to do list so you can get a fresh start on next week.


If you’re ready to take back some of your work time, grab your calendar and call your account executive (or fill out our online contact form). We’ll be happy to talk to you about how to get FREE Scott Essential dispensers into your restrooms so you can get more done.