Ownership Change for Rogards

When Rogards opened for business on Monday, August 1, it only had one owner instead of the three owners it has had for the past five years. Chad and Catherine Hoffman have made the decision to sell their shares of the 110 year old company to their business partner, Tonya Horn. The change comes after a successful time period for the three business partners, as they acquired the company from Horn’s father in 2011 and have steadily grown the business since then.

Horn is optimistic about the future, while also acknowledging the significant contributions that Chad and Catherine have made to the business. “Rogards is on very solid footing, and that is thanks in large part to the contributions that Chad and Catherine have made over the past five years,” says Horn. “I’m proud of the way our entire team has worked together to position Rogards well now and into the future. Chad and Catherine felt that they were in the right season of life to make a change, and I have enormous respect for anyone who wants to pursue their passions.”

Customers will continue to see more of what they’ve come to expect from Rogards. Horn says, “Rogards’ success has always been a team effort. From our customer service team, to our sales team, to our delivery drivers – these have always been and always will be the people who connect with our customers on a daily basis. That won’t be changing any time soon. We will continue to pursue new product-based solutions to meet our customers’ needs, and we will continue to do it while offering the individualized, flexible, local service that our customers have come to expect.”