Clean the Air We Share

A webinar with Fellowes Air Purifiers

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has increased the urgency to protect ourselves and each other. Healthy and safe facilities matter now, more than ever. We must protect ourselves in shared environments against future viral outbreaks.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that COVID-19 is transmitted by respiratory droplets that are spread through the air and is more likely to spread from person to person in enclosed indoor spaces. So, how do you clean your air? If you’re looking to safely invite employees and visitors to your office, this is an issue that can’t be overlooked.

A commercial-grade air purifier, like the Fellowes AeraMax Professional line, can offer the solution you need. Fellowes AeraMax Professional air purifiers provide maximum protection by removing up to 99.97% of all airborne contaminates, including airborne viruses*

Please join us for a free 30-minute webinar with our Fellowes Air Purifier experts. During Clean the Air We Share, we will discuss:

  • The three essential components of workplace hygiene – clean hands, clean surfaces, and clean air – and their importance in protecting against person-to-person virus transmission.
  • The role of clean air in shared environments on overall employee health and wellness – both during COVID and after.
  • How to remove germs, allergens and odors to create a cleaner, healthier environments.

Missed joining us? Watch the recording now.