Be Smart About Safety

When was the last time you thought about the safety procedures around your office? We know! It’s not the most exciting topic. Planning for birthday parties is fun. Planning for safety emergencies is not. Besides, we’re all adults, not school kids running round with scissors. We’re all careful around the office, right?

The truth is that accidents can happen, even if you have the most mature, well-behaved staff in the world. That’s why we’re so thankful that June is National Safety Month. It’s a great reminder to take a look around you with a critical eye to see if there are any changes or improvements you can implement to make your office a safer place for everyone.

We took a look around our office and found a simple way to make sure that we’re ready for accidents – and it can work for your office, too. Ready to find out what it is? Grab your hard hat and safety glasses, settle in, and hit play on our latest video to learn all about it.

If you’re ready to get smart about first aid compliance, call Rogards today to schedule a first aid and safety audit for your workplace. We can make recommendations for small and large offices, different types of work environments, even fleet vehicles.