Does Your Office Need a Cone of Silence?

We recently attended NeoCon 2017 in Chicago. NeoCon is the one of the largest gatherings of workplace experts in the world. It focuses on design and furniture trends that shape our workplaces. We noticed a number of design trends that we’ll be sharing with you in upcoming editions of this blog.

The first trend that caught my attention is what I jokingly refer to as “the cone of silence.” Via’s Regola is an example of this phenomenon (and one of the most effective models that I found on the showroom floors).

Via Seating's Regola

Via Seating’s Regola

These spaces, which can be created in your workplace for a single user or for multiple users, are a direct response to the “open office” trend. Business owners and managers have found that the open office environment (or really any cubicle environment regardless of the height of the panels) leaves employees feeling like they have absolutely no privacy – because they don’t! Even workers whose jobs rely on a heavy amount of collaboration with their colleagues need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office from time to time. They need quiet space to think about a new idea, brainstorm on how to solve a problem, or simply make a quick phone call that they don’t want the whole office to hear. Global’s new River Personal Harbor is a prime example of using this type of furniture to build a getaway space for a single individual.

Global's River Personal Harbor

Global’s River Personal Harbor

In addition to being used for an individual to get away, these spaces can also be used for small group collaboration. In the open office setting, a group of two or three people discussing a project at their workstations can be disruptive for those around them. How about picking that meeting up and taking it across the room? Via’s Regola (shown earlier) or HPFI’s Eve provide great solutions to allow impromptu meetings for small groups without the need to book a conference room.


HPFI's Eve

HPFI’s Eve

If you think your office could use “the cone of silence” please contact Rogards today to set up a consultative appointment with one of our account executives. They can lead you through a series of questions to help you select the product to fit your needs, your space, and your budget.

Here’s to keeping your workplace humming, just doing it more quietly in some areas!