We’re going to make you a cleaning genius

Cleaning shouldn’t be complicated, right? We do it all the time at home. Spray, wipe, done! But, like so many things, when you move it to the office it gets more difficult. How do you choose the right product for the job? Does your staff know how to use the products properly to avoid damage or workplace injuries? Training is hard work even under normal circumstances, but today’s job market can make it even more difficult. Staff turnover may mean that you don’t have enough people trained to do the job. While you work to fill positions, other staff members may have to step in to fill the gap. Will they know what to do?

We have a solution so easy that it will make anyone feel like a cleaning genius. We’re now offering a full line of Maxim cleaning products. All Maxim products include the innovative PLUS label system. PLUS labels make it easy to choose the right product for every cleaning job and follow the steps needed to use it safely. Take a look!

Easy to Understand. The PLUS Label System incorporates clearly labeled product types, numbered steps, visual icons, and icon descriptions in English and Spanish to ensure product instructions are universally understood.

Less Waste. A recent study showed that 80% of cleaning professionals misuse products. Careless usage mistakes waste product, which wastes time and money. Avoid waste with the PLUS Label System.

Proper Product Usage. Research shows the PLUS Label System leads to 4 out of 5 cleaning professionals correctly using cleaning products. Avoid exposing your team to harmful chemicals and workplace injuries.

Less Training Time. Shorten training time for staff members with the PLUS Label System. Training made easy!

Easy on the brain, easy on the budget!

Maxim products don’t only save you time and stress, they also save you money! Switching from a national brand to Maxim can mean big savings. Maxim products are as effective as the name brands and most come in larger bottles (as much as 2x as large) so they’ll last longer. They offer an affordable alternative for all of your most important office cleaning needs.


If you’re using this national brand product Try this Maxim cleaner
Febreeze or Glade air fresheners Capri-Original citrus air deodorizer
Lysol or Clorox toilet bowl cleaner True Blue clinging bowl cleaner
Lysol hydrogen peroxide multi-purpose cleaner Facility+ RTU multi-surface disinfectant
Lysol or Method all-purpose cleaner spray Spray & Wipe cleaner/degreaser
Formula 409 or Fantastic degreaser spray Bulldozer cleaner/degreaser
Windex or Glass Plus glass cleaner Sparkle glass cleaner
Fabuloso or Pine Sol all-purpose cleaner concentrate Maximo all-purpose cleaner concentrate
Resolve Spot and Stain carpet cleaner Stain-Off spot & stain remover
Spic and Span or Mr Clean floor cleaner concentrate Mega Mop damp mop concentrate


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