Rogards is Central Illinois’ Authorized X-Chair Dealer

If you’re like us, you’ve seen X-Chair all over TV and social media. Now you’ll be able to see it in person. We’re proud to announce that Rogards is a preferred dealer for X-Chair.

We think X-Chair is a perfect fit for us because, like us, they believe a chair is more than just a chair. They say it’s “a motivator – a tool to make you more productive. It’s an investment in your health – support to keep you comfortable while you work long hours. It’s a new aesthetic for your workspace. It’s a symbol that you’re serious about where you’re at and where you’re going but determined to have fun along the way.” We agree with all of that. And we think it’s a really comfortable chair!

You can shop two of the most popular X-Chair models, the X2 K-Sport Management Chair and the X1 Flex Mesh Task Chair, directly from our website, but you can also contact our sales team to find out more about the other models available or to customize your X-Chair with your choice of fabrics and accessories like the Elemax cooling, heat, and massage unit.


What are the features that make X-Chair right for everyone?


1. Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support

The Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support is X-Chair’s greatest ergonomic feat of all & one that needs no adjusting. The DVL Support intuitively adjusts itself to your body every time you move. Responding to your weight, height, position, and the amount of pressure you place on it, the DVL Support pivots with you, keeping you comfortable and supported even as you change positions throughout the day. Be free to keep your mind on your work, not your back.

2. Extensive Variable or SciFloat Infinite Recline

Extensive Variable Recline is specific to the X1 task chair and was was designed with you in mind. Your task chair should work with you and not against you. EVR can be adjusted to users of any size for effortless use. With a properly adjusted EVR, you’ll notice your concentration, energy and production increase.

Created specifically for X-Chair, SciFloat Infinite Recline facilitates motion throughout your day. Movement increases circulation, concentration, and energy levels & everything you need to boost both comfort and productivity in your workspace. Wheels are no longer the only thing a good office chair needs to keep you moving. SciFloat Infinite Recline is found in X2, X3, and X4 model chairs.

3. Tilt Tension & Tilt Lock

We made a masterful office chair, you get to adjust it to suit your preferences. Adjust the tilt tension to change the amount of resistance you feel as you recline. Whether you like a little or a lot of resistance, X-Chair’s got you covered. Lock the chair in a reclined position for those times you need to put your feet up.

4. Height-Adjustable Backrest

X-Chair’s independently adjustable backrest lets your raise the dynamic variable lumbar support to fit the curve of your back. Bring the dynamic variable lumbar support to a comfortable position and relax while it supports the natural shape of your spine.

5. Adjustable Seat Height

We don’t know how tall you are. But you know, so we’ll leave the height of your seat up to you. Easily adjust the seat height so your feet rest flat on the ground and your knees are at a 90⁰ angle.

6. Adjustable Seat Depth

At a proper seat depth, your lower back should be against the dynamic variable lumbar support and you should be able to fit 2 to 3 fingers between the edge of your seat and the backs of your knees. An improper seat depth puts undue pressure on the veins and lymph nodes behind your knee, and often leads to poor circulation, leg cramps, or your legs falling asleep. This is all avoidable with the X-Chair’s adjustable seat depth.

7. Adjustable Headrest Height

People are built with different proportions, and X-Chair is ready to adjust. In addition to adjustable seat height and backrest height, X-Chair’s headrest is height adjustable, so no matter your proportions you get to adjust the whole chair to fit you like a glove.

8. Adjustable Headrest Angle

Your head and neck do not stay in the same place all day, so neither should your headrest. Easily adjust the angle of X-Chair’s headrest to find comfort no matter what position you want to sit in. Shop X-Chair

9. 4-Dimensional Arms

4-Dimensional armrests adjust forward and back, side-to-side, up and down, and pivot to an angle. No one keeps their arms in the same position all day, and X-Chair is ready to move with you.

10. Premium Mesh, ATR & Leather

All X-Chair fabrics disperse weight evenly across the chair to reduce pressure points. Advanced materials improve circulation and enhance support so you can sit comfortably all day. X1 uses Flex Mesh Technology, a breathable and durable mesh. X2’s K-Sport advanced performance material features a tighter mesh weave for a softer feel. X3 introduces Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) fabric, a unique spacer weave designed for extra support and weight distribution. The X4 is covered in supple, ultra-comfortable premium leather or extraordinary Brisa® – from Japan, the softest, most durable, most breathable fabric ever made. Each fabric comes in a variety of colors.