Meet the Rogards Coffee Wizard

If your office is anything like ours, the chillier temperatures have people heading to the breakroom in search of a warm drink. Of course, all that extra activity around the coffee machine can cause quite a commotion. How do you make everyone happy? Do you make strong coffee? Weak coffee? Decaf? Flavors? Can you really make a latte with only coffee, powdered creamer, and a whisk at your disposal? Who’s in charge of making the coffee? Who cleans up at the end of the day? What about the tea drinkers?

If you’re going crazy trying to meet the coffee wants and needs of everyone in your office, you’ve some to the right place. The Rogards Coffee Wizard is here to cast the magic spell that will make your breakroom the happiest place in the office.

If you’re ready to work some magic in your breakroom, contact Rogards. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the best option for your office or schedule a free coffee demo featuring our single serve pods. We’ll bring the brewer and a selection of flavors so you and your coworkers can give them a try. Call us today!