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Promotional Products

Make a great impression.

Getting your name out in today’s crowded marketplace can be really difficult, especially for small businesses. Where do you even start? Print ads? Radio? Social media? Why not consider promotional products? Here are three reasons that they’re a great choice:

  • Even a small budget can go a long way. Promotional products are an amazingly cost-effective way to advertise your business because they have a much longer lifespan and reach than traditional advertising. On average, a promotional product will be kept 7 months. During that time, the item – and your logo – will be seen by possibly thousands of people beyond the original recipient. A promotional bag will be seen nearly 6,000 times over its lifetime and a promotional pen will be seen more than 3,000 times. That’s a big return on your investment.
  • They really work. Do promotional products really raise awareness of your company? The answer is a big yes! When surveyed, 86% of people could remember the name of the companies that gave them the promotional items they owned. And 36% of people say that they’re more likely to work with a company that they hadn’t previously done business with after receiving a promotional item from them.
  • They make people happy. Fifty-three percent of people said that being given a promotional item left them with a positive impression of the advertiser.


Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, improve traffic at tradeshows, or thank current customers, we can help you make a lasting impression. With access to more than 3,000 suppliers, we’re sure to find a product that will fit your needs – and your budget. Choose from a huge selection of products, including:

  • Pens, pencils, and other writing instruments for use at your next trade show
  • Travel mugs and drinkware to promote your café, restaurant, or bar
  • T-shirts and outerwear for sports programs, races, or walk/run events
  • Food and candy gifts for the holidays
  • Padfolios and tablet cases for company anniversary gifts or awards
  • Sticky notes, notepads, and notebooks to share with current and potential clients
  • Hats, tees, and balls for your golf outing or tournament


The possibilities are truly endless. Browse our promotional products store for ideas or call us today for assistance finding the perfect product.  Our team is looking forward to helping you bring your project to life!

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