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Welcome to Rogards!

Rogards is your local connection to do more, smarter, with less resources.

Keeping the workplace working is a big job that requires doing more with less every day. No other supplier will go to the lengths we do to help keep your workplace comfortable, sustainable and running at full speed — from the front office to the breakroom, the cleaning closet and everything in between.

With Rogards, you’ll get the buying power and logistics of a national chain combined with the exceptional customer service and personal attention you expect from a local business.

  • We offer next day delivery on over 50,000 commonly used office products with a fill rate of over 99%.
  • Through our logistics partner, we have more than 30 warehouses across the country ready to fill orders for national accounts.
  • As a member of a national buying group, we have more than $5 billion in buying power. We put that power to work to keep prices low.

Why choose Rogards as your workday connection?

Business is our only business.
At Rogards, the workplace is our favorite place. So, while other suppliers are out there trying to be everything to everyone, we’re focused on supporting you and your business. From the products and services we offer all the way down to our website ordering options, we put our all into giving you the tools you need to deliver for YOUR customers.

Our flexibility works for you.
We’ve never believed that service is one size fits all. We know that every business is different and the challenges you face can change daily. That’s why our service bends and stretches to accommodate whatever your day brings. Need an emergency delivery to your off-site meeting? We’re there. More control over staff purchasing? We’ve got you. Quarterly usage reports for your new boss? Check! Or maybe today you just need help finding something to get that mystery stain off the breakroom floor. Whatever shape your work day takes, we’ll be there with the service that makes it all possible.

We’re your workday team.
When you choose Rogards, you get more than supplies. When you choose Rogards, our team becomes your team — and we go to work for you. From the very beginning, we get to know you and your business so we can provide solutions to your specific needs and challenges. And as our partnership grows, we’ll continue to work with you to find new ways to help improve your workplace. In the end, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do — running your business — because we’re focused on what we do — finding solutions to your workplace problems.