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Local Advantage

Why should you shop locally? It’s the smart business choice. Each purchase you make at a locally-owned store has multiple benefits for the local economy, many of which positively impact your business.

Better for Customers

  • Local retailers buy for the local market. We choose our products based on the wants and needs of our local customers, not a national sales plan. This allows us to offer more inventory and better prices on the products that customers like you use on a regular basis.
  • Local businesses have more expertise. Because they’re an established part of the community, local retailers have a vested interest in serving their customers. They hire experienced staff with knowledge of the products they sell. The Rogards team has over 150 years combined experience, and we’re ready to put it to work for you.

Better for Business

  • Local retailers spend money with other local businesses. Local retailers like Rogards have been shown to spend twice as much with local businesses as chain stores do. They are more likely to bank locally; hire local professionals such as accountants, attorneys, and designers; purchase goods from local firms; and advertise in local media.
  • Buying from local businesses keeps more money in the local economy. Spending $100 at a local, independent business returns $68 to the local economy. Spend the same amount at a chain store and only $43 will stay in our community.  In fact, if each person in the Champaign-Urbana area spent just $10 more per year with local businesses, more than $7 million would be returned to our local economy. That’s more money for our schools, roads, parks, libraries, and police and fire departments, just to name a few.

Better for the Community

  • Local businesses are more environmentally sustainable. Local businesses are more likely to buy from local or regional suppliers, which means less fuel and less packaging used during transportation. This not only conserves energy and resources, it also results in savings that we can pass on to you. We’re proud to be a certified green business. We’re always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact, and we’re happy to help you make more sustainable choices, too.
  • Local businesses support community causes. Locally owned businesses donate more time and money on average to local charities and community organizations – more than twice as much as chains.

At Rogards, we truly feel that one of the best things that a locally owned business can do is give back when they have the means to do so. We’re glad that our success allows us to support the community that supports us. To read more about our involvement in community causes, visit our community involvement page.